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History - The 17 Movement project is evolution of DevCloud. DevCloud was a platform with paid scripts. We're running since 2020, but the evolution was in JULY 2022. During this time we have gained a lot of experience in this industry, so we are able to solve any customer problem quickly and effectively.

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Support - Something that sets us apart from the competition is our very friendly, fast and efficient support. As you can see from our reviews, most issues are resolved in less than an hour, and the entire support team, thanks to people in different time zones, works 24/7. We are happy to help you in any situation, even if it's a minor script edit.

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Our Scripts - Our scripts are tested by a huge number of players and servers. To date, we have sold more than 500 original copies of scripts. In addition, they are written with even the best and largest servers in mind - they are very well secured and optimized.

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What Does Multiplayer Mean? - Multiplayer means that all the work can be done by a group of friends or solo. Working in a group, we gain benefits and, most importantly, we don't get bored. Of course you can block working in pairs, to force players make groups.

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Why Multiplayer Is Better? - Let's look at the very idea of RP games. They are for role-playing and interaction with other players. Since the early days of FiveM, there has always been one problem - making money. While working, we often had no way to get into our role, we were bored with gameplay and you could call it grind. With our works, players can play RP and interact with other players even while working. Another advantage is that players can very easily find new friends on the server by simply looking for friends to work with. Multiplayer jobs will certainly improve the quality of RP on your server.

Why Multiplayer is better?

Multiplayer Jobs Bundle - Purchasing a bundle of several or all the jobs you get a complete system of legal works on the server. You drag the files into your server files, and you gain the enjoyment of players and a lot of time saved on configuring other works.

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