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Elevate your FiveM server to new heights with our groundbreaking Speech/Voice Recognition Script. This cutting-edge system enables players to engage with NPCs, manipulate objects, and execute diverse in-game actions effortlessly using their own voice. Our script is meticulously crafted to facilitate seamless integration and personalized customization of voice-driven interactions within your servers.

You can watch introduction video here:


With our Speech Recognition Script, you can:

  • Create unique voice-controlled interactions
  • Seamlessly integrate voice commands into your existing server scripts
  • Enhance immersion and engagement for your players
  • Supports many native languages
  • Detect bad langauge and ban/kick players


We've taken great care in ensuring the privacy and security of your players. No audio files are stored, and our script complies with all legal norms and requirements for microphone access.


To make the most of this script, you'll need to configure it and connect it to the events and actions you want to trigger with specific voice commands. We've made this process as straightforward as possible, and you can easily add new phrases by following the steps outlined in the script documentation.

You can check the list of supported languages here: Documentation


Adjust Preferences

These are the examples how you can use the voice recognition system to enhance the interactions sent by our customers, and note that you are not limited to any of the following you can still do better.

We made a small modification to the gl-pets and gl-hunting scripts to integrate them with the 17Mov Voice Recognition system. Although we refer to it as a small implementation, it serves as a foundation for numerous possibilities when utilizing our voice recognition technology.

We have enhanced the functionality of our scripts by introducing several configuration options to simplify the setup of voice recognition.These options allow users to interact with NPCs more conveniently.For example, you can now use voice commands like "Give me some water" to purchase water from NPCs in shops (water purchase feature is included with the script). Additionally, we have included a snippet that enables you to sell items to NPCs, providing an alternative and immersive experience.This integration of voice recognition not only enhances gameplay but also adds a new level of immersion and realism to the interaction with non-player characters. Here is a basic introduction to how the interaction with NPCs works with KZ_Detective Script [This is not it, you can still do better with right script and idea].

Welcome to the future of AI, where the possibilities are endless. Imagine a world where you can effortlessly summon a vehicle to your location with a simple voice command. With the integration of advanced voice recognition system, everything becomes automated, revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. Picture this scenario: You stand on a busy street and say, "Tesla Come to me" Instantly, an autonomous car glides toward you, responding to your voice with perfect precision.Once you're comfortably seated, you can continue your interaction with the vehicle using voice commands. "Go to the location" you say, and the vehicle smoothly navigates through traffic you can also add play music with a right script for car radio.The script used in below video is Playlolly Tesla Script which also has dance and auto park option included in video.

You can also add remote triggers to door and also create a function to unlock all doors of building by door.IDs, Say " all PD Doors" will unlock all Police Department doors.



There are several advantages to using scripts:

  • Interactions: Scripts greatly enhance the quality of interactions, allowing for improved roleplay experiences. By incorporating scripts, users can engage in more immersive and dynamic interactions within the server.
  • Server Optimization: By eliminating numerous existing user interfaces, scripts contribute to server optimization. This optimization leads to improved performance and efficiency, allowing for smoother gameplay and reduced lag.
  • Real-Life Experiences: Scripts provide opportunities for players to simulate real-life experiences within the virtual environment. These experiences can range from realistic simulations of various scenarios to emulating everyday activities, further enhancing the overall immersion and enjoyment of the game.
  • Regular Updates and Additional Features: Scripts are frequently updated, offering users a continuous stream of new features and enhancements. These regular updates ensure that the server remains fresh, exciting, and aligned with the evolving needs and preferences of the player community.
  • Seamless Experience: The usage of scripts offers a seamless experience due to its high optimization. With the capability to handle up to 10,000 requests per second, the script ensures that server performance remains unaffected, regardless of the server's population. Therefore, you can be confident that even with a large number of users, the script will efficiently manage the workload without any issues.

  • In summary, incorporating scripts into gameplay offers benefits such as improved roleplay interactions, server optimization through the removal of unnecessary user interfaces, realistic experiences, and regular updates with exciting new features.


    You can check basic configuration and how you can use the speech recognition in documentation

    Config Help


    We understand that setting up voice interactions can be time-consuming, which is why we're continuously building a database of ready-to-use configurations for popular server scripts. If you're interested in contributing to this effort, we'd love your help! In return, we're offering discounts on our store for those who provide valuable assistance. Join our discord to contribute.