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Setting up a FiveM server has never been easier, thanks to our .exe application designed specifically for Windows users. With just a few clicks, you'll be able to create your own server and enjoy the world of FiveM with your friends. Although currently only available for Windows, we're considering a Linux version in the future. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of creating your own FiveM server, step by step.

First Steps


Create an account on forum.cfx.re

If you don't have an account yet, create one on the official Fivem Forum. This account will be required to generate ur unique server key, and in further steps.

Generate ur server key on keymaster.fivem.net

Log in to Fivem Keymaster with created before account, and click on "New Server" on the left side.

Fill in the required information:

  • Server "Display Name"
  • Your external IP address (you can find it by searching "what's my IP" on Google)
  • Fill in fields 3 and 4 according to your preferences.

Click "Generate" and save the generated key in a text file for later use.

Our Fivem Server Installer

Automatic Installer

Introducing our easy-to-use FiveM server setup program, designed for beginners! With just a few simple steps, you can have your server up and running in no time. Download the application by just clicking this link: Download Our Installer, run it, and let the script do the work for you. Once the installation is complete, a browser window will open for you to configure your server. Experience the convenience of our user-friendly solution, and get your FiveM server started in a breeze!

During the execution of our script, the MariaDB Server program will be downloaded. The script will automatically launch the installer, but you will need to manually complete the installation process. If you can't find the installer window, check the available windows using ALT+TAB, as it might be hidden there. Installation process is very simple, just click "Next" to proceed. The only thing you need to change it's uncheck "Modify password for database user root".

Configure Your Server

Adjust Preferences

Upon successfully running the script, you should be presented with the following console screen:

Now, it's time to start configuring your server. Access the web panel by opening your local browser and navigating to the Web Panel (http://localhost:40120) URL. Keep in mind that this web panel only works when your server is active. The TxAdmin web panel is not a product created by 17 Movement, but rather a built-in feature of FiveM.

To proceed, you will need to log in using your FiveM Forum account. After doing so, you can start customizing your server. Please enter the following information:

  • Server Name: Enter your desired server name or use a temporary one.
  • Deployment Type: Choose your server's main framework. If you're new to FiveM development, we recommend selecting Popular Recipes.
  • Server Template: Pick your primary server framework. We suggest choosing between QBCore and ESX, as both are popular economy-based frameworks with extensive script compatibility. Learn more about these frameworks on their respective websites before making a decision.
  • Data Location: Specify where your main server files will be stored or accept the default path.

Once everything is set up, proceed to the next tab.


In this tab, you can modify your server recipe and add your license key. We recommend not altering the recipe and simply moving to step 2, which involves inputting your server license key.

Paste the key you generated in the first step here. If you lost it, you can log back into your Keymaster account and retrieve it.


Lastly, you can configure your server.cfg file, which contains a variety of server settings. The default configuration will work and set you as an admin if you're logged into your FiveM account in the client. The server.cfg file can include numerous settings, and we may create a tutorial for such configurations in the future. For now, you can skip this step and click "Save & Run Server".

VoilĂ  - Your Server Is Ready

If you've followed the steps correctly, your server should be up and running. You should also be redirected to the main web panel, where you can manage your server, monitor the console, kick or ban players, and much more. Feel free to explore and familiarize yourself with the available features.

To connect to your FiveM server, enter the connect localhost (or your server's public IP) in the F8 Console.